As far as we are concerned, investors are not just buyers of assets, shares, etc. They are the people we invite in to our homes to work together, to develop together and to win together. In the same manner one does not want unwelcomed guests, neither do investors look for unfriendly hosts. Therefore, we do not want to just "attract investment" but build lasting relationships based on correct knowledge, trust and common interests with people who want to experience the joy of discovering our region. The North-East Region is like a gift not necessarily perfectly wrapped, but valuable. It is a combination of value and age, underdevelopment and potential that you do not encounter too often.

The factor that gives us the greatest faith in our ability to match, if not exceed, the best in the world today is our people, the growing number of young people and not only young, but well educated and well trained people, that want to and will get involved.

So, we invite you to discover the places, the opportunities and the people here and I assure you that you will not regret it.