North-East Romania

Part of the historical province of Moldova, the Northeastern Region of Romania is an area where history, culture, and tradition complement the natural environment, particularly attractive. The North-East Region is the largest development region of Romania in terms of the number of inhabitants and the area owned, being composed of six counties: Bacău, Botoșani, Iași, Neamț, Suceava, and Vaslui.


The region is divided into 3 zones: 
•  the Carpathian mountains - 28%;
•  the Subcarpathian area - 12% ;
•  the eastern plateau area - 60%;

Hydrographic network :

The region is crossed by two major rivers:

•  Siret (42,890 km²) ;

•  Prut (10,990 km²);

Climate Average: 

•  annual temperatures: 8-9° C;