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Existing Industrial Parks
An industrial park (also known as an industrial estate, trading estate) is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial development. An industrial park can be thought of as a more "heavyweight" version of a business park or office park, which has offices and light industry, rather than heavy industry.

7 industrial parks are spread across the North-East Region of Romania, placed under both private and public ownership, most offering capabilities suited for industries like aerospace, IT&C, and industry. Among these, we mention Miroslava 1 and 2 (Iași County), Lețcani (Iași County), Siret (Suceava County), Mecanica Ceahlău (Neamț County), Botosani Industrial Park (Botosani County), and HIT (Bacău County).

Among them, the most relevant and which have available surfaces are:

• Total area: 250,000 sqm; 
 Extremely valuable human resources that can be provided by the existence of the oldest and most prestigious university center, in Iași, with more than 60,000 enrolled students; 
 The presence of other important investors in the commune of Miroslava;
 Ease of access:   
•  A 200 meters maximum distance from the E58 European road; 
•  Front opening to Iași ring road;  
•  Easy access to Iași International Airport (20 km);   
•  Heavy railroad nearby (100 m);

• Total area: 186,000 sqm; 
• Located at 16 km away to Iasi, the 2nd largest city in Romania, known as the Cultural Capital of Romania, with 8 public and private universities and 5 cultural centers;
 The presence of other important investors in the commune of Letcani;
 Ease of access:   
•  Located nearby E58 European road; 
•  To the east, close to the site, the link between DN 28 (E85) and the future highway Targu Mures - Iasi - Ungheni is proposed.

•  Total area: 159,000 sqm, with the possibility of expansion to 250,000 sqm; 
•  Available workforce. The number of jobs per 1,000 inhabitants is twice as low as compared to the counties in Western Romania; 
•  The average gross salary in Suceava County is lower by 100-190 Euros compared to the average net salary being paid in Western Romania;
•  Siret City Hall is collaborating with the Trade Register, Suceava County Council and the  “Lațcu Vodă” Technical College to support investors;
Transport links:
•  Direct access to the European Road - E85;
•  Seaports located: Galați (Danube) - 388 km, Constanța (Black Sea) - 576 km;
•  Railway line: 2 km from the park;
•  Nearest international airports: Suceava - 43 km, Iași - 168 km, Bacău - 191 km;

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