What is our vision?

The warranty of a cleaner environment for our and for the future generation through the adoption of the best practices in terms of environment protection. All this in harmony with social and economic development, and with respect for the European Ecological Pact.


What are our objectives?

            Expansion of the environment related educational practices and new partnerships between the private sector and the educational sistem (e.g. practical stages, study visits and extra curicular activities)

            Investment growth in technology and eco friendly equipment / circular economy mechanisms implementation by companies.

            Digitalization solutions development, warning techniques and wide public accesible monitoring

            Collaboration growth between the private sector and R&D organizations in regard for innovative solutions development.

The environment is a system consisting of natural and artificial elements that are interrelated and which are modified by human action. It's the environment that affects the way of life of the society, including natural, social and cultural values that exist in a place and time.
Living beings, soil, water, air, physical objects made by man and the symbolic elements (as traditions, for example) make up the environment. The conservation of this is essential to the sustainable life of current generations and generations.
It could be said that environment includes factors physical (such as climate and geology), biological (human population, flora, fauna, water) and socioeconomic (employment, urbanization, social conflicts).