What is our vision?

The North-East Region will become a more attractive destination for turists.


What are our objectives?

            The discovery and valorification of every geographical areas within the region through innovative turistical products and packeges

            The turism value chain digitalization (apps, marketing, advertising, etc.)

Due to its favorable conditions, the beauty of the places, the purity of the air, the water, mountain areas in the counties of Bacău, Neamț and Suceava, as well as the invaluable cultural and religious heritage, the North East Region has a high touristic potential, which can be compared to other famous touristic areas in the country and abroad.

Tourism development strategies play an increasingly important role, representing parts of those documents that aim to socio-economic development, undertaken at local, zonal, county, regional, or national level. Frequently, tourism is viewed as one the best solutions for economic recovery, but without a detailed and realistic analysis of what territory offers from this point of view, this new trend for resolving the economic dysfunctions remains at a mirage level. 

Forms of tourism practiced in North-East Region of Romania:

Balneary tourism: the North-East Region offers broad possibilities for the development of balneary tourism. The localities that have been granted the status of spas resort are Vatra Dornei Municipality, Suceava County, Slănic Moldova City, Bacău County, Târgu Ocna City, Bacău County.

• Rural tourism and agritourism: in North-East Region, Bucovina comprises several agro-tourist areas.