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Dear Visitor,

It is with real pleasure that I have this opportunity to present you the website dedicated to promoting the North-East Region of Romania. To develop and implement regional policies, in 1999, it was established the North-East Regional Development Agency, which has the mission to support economic and social development of the region with the aim of reducing intra and interregional imbalances for increasing the quality of life and achieve European standards. North-East RDA was originally established as an implementation unit for projects financed from Phare funds, and after Romania's accession to the European Union the Agency has also responsibilities as Intermediate Body for the implementation of Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 in the North-East Region, and starting with March 2013 also for Axis 1 and 3 of Sectoral Operational Programme Increasing of Economic Competitiveness. At this moment, North-East RDA has a team of best specialists, an impressive amount of information, a developed relational system and viable opportunities. All these elements create to agency management the obligation to give substance to its mission and this is the main challenge that we have and I want to put into practice, as general director. Together we establish the path to follow, we form and consolidate teams and inspire energy. We rely on loyalty, stimulate learning and want to create a positive and motivational climate. So I understand to work as promoters of development in North-East Region. Through this website, we intend to make known our region and also to show investors and tourists a part of the beauties and the business opportunities in this part of Romania. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


General Director 

North-East Regional Development Agency


Details can be accessed only after you log into a customer account.