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History Overview:

The refinery RAFO is located in the north-east of Romania, in the vicinity of the border to Moldova and Ukraine. The existing industrial area arose early 80th and became part of the largest petrochemical complex in Eastern Europe.  

•  RAFO’s history begins in 1952. The industrial complex was previously designed for 1 750 000 t of crude oil per annum and was positioned as a producer of aromatic hydrocarbons (i.e. benzene, toluene, PX) and gas liquids for the petrochemical industry in the country. Motor fuel was not the mainstream of this plant, which has been initially designed to mainly process Romanian crude oil. The refinery remained in operation from 1952 to 1991. 
 •  In 1979 the construction of the second industrial complex for 3 500 000 t for light Iranian crudes Agha - Jari and heavy Iranian crudes Gach - Sarau (50 to 50 % blend) commenced. The breakdown of the plant’s output remained the same. 
•  Both industrial complexes run parallel from 1980 to 1991 and almost the whole output (excluding motor fuels) was the feedstock of the petrochemical complex CAROM and chemical complex CHIMCOMPLEX  located in the same industrial area. These three industrial plants belonged legally to one and the same complex Borzesti for over 20 years. 
•  Until now the aromatics units exist at RAFO, the equipment (in a long storage state as of today) may be utilized in the course of future modernization. 
•  After 1991, while the industrial complex Borzesti (RAFO-CAROMCHIMCOMPLEX) decayed, RAFO switched to motor fuel production. However, basic industrial units and solutions remained on site what would be very helpful for re-establishing the petrochemical output of the refinery.
•  Lack of funding for covering current operational needs led to the opening of insolvency proceedings against   Rafo SA, General  Bacau Court - Section II civil and administrative and fiscal pronouncing, in this regard, dated 10.27.2016 closing, in case no. 3320/110/2016. Rafo SA entered insolvency calling themselves a trustee by court orders issued in 27/10/2016 on, in case no. 3320/110/2016 CITR Bucharest Branch SPRL, based in Bucharest, str. Herastrau Station No. 4, Green Court 3rd floor, Sector 2, registered with the Companies Registry of Professional U.N.P.I.R. no. RSP 0401/2009, with Fiscal Identification Code RO 26171764, e-mail: Fax: 0213.266.013.  
•  Staffs have been decreased from 3000 to 100 employees. The remained key personnel is fully involved in wastewater treatment and unit conservation. •  All the legal provisions regarding environmental obligations are fully met. 
•  At this moment, the activity of RAFO SA is supervised by CITR Bucharest Branch SPRL in its capacity of a judicial administrator.  

Refinery Overview:

•  RAFO is one of four of Romania’s largest refineries with an installed capacity of 3.5 million tones of crude oil. The refinery has excellent logistics facilities. Crude oil is delivered from the port of Constanta (335 km pipeline) via a dedicated crude oil pipeline. 
•  The existing enterprise was established in the early 80th. The operation life of such plants is about 50 years. It means that the refinery may carry out its regular operations until 2030. In the period 1980 - 2008 main refinery installations actually worked 22.5 years. All the existing units have undergone regular inspections and possess operation permits. Over the last years, the refinery was under temporary shutdown and new operating permits will be issued prior to the startup of the operations. Ultrasonic thickness measurements and hydro-testing are being performed in accordance with Romanian technical supervision commission, i.e. every 2 – 4  years. 
•  The refinery is a fully integrated crude oil processing system including primary and secondary processing installations, deep conversion installations, and installations to obtain fuels EURO 5 and LPG  used as raw materials for the petrochemical sector and domestic consumption.  
•  The production activity in the refinery is halted since 2008 as RAFO was undergoing a restructuring and modernization program. RAFO has continued financing CAPEX amounting to euro 50 mln. Relocation of Delayed coking unit (with expansion up to 650 kDa) and new hydrogen plant, nitrogen plant, sulfur recovery plant were among these investments.

Refinery Overview. Utilities and infrastructure: 

• The refinery’s area is about 260 ha. RAFO may also acquire at least 100 ha area of the former enterprise Carom at the same industrial area.  
•  Power supply: power supply network of Romania. In-house industrial gas production and natural gas supply from local networks (in the future - without any extra charges for distribution). The basic modernization and revamp program is supplemented by a cogeneration program for power and steam generation.        
•  It is also possible not only to cover own energy requirements but also to sell power on Romanian markets by the acquisition of a nearby power station.  
•  RAFO produces compressed nitrogen, technical and instrumentation air, steam for technological consumption. Drinking water is being supplied from the city area network.  
•  Industrial water is being supplied from the river Trotus  (water supply facility of Romanian Waters Company). Demineralized water is produced directly at RAFO. 
• RAFO possesses in-house mechanical, chemical and biological waste treatment plants. The biological treatment plant is located at about 5 km distance and is connected with the refinery by the underground pipe. The mechanical and chemical treatment plant is located directly at the refinery’s area. 
• RAFO storage facilities consist of different tanks with a total capacity for crude oil up to 150 kt and for semi- and final products of 240 kt. 
• RAFO benefits from very extensive rail marshaling yard and rail loading facilities for liquids (diesel, gasoline),  solids (sulfur and coke) and liquefied gases LPG and propylene, trucks loading facilities. 

* For any other relevant information or the presentation of the project, please contact the representatives from the North-East Regional Development Agency, the Private Investment Office.

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