Why North East

The main tourist attractions in the North-East Region:

Mountain areas:

The Carpathian Mountains chain, located on the western border of the region, is covered by alpine pastures and forests rich in flora and fauna. A whole range of mountain sports can be practiced in this region: rafting, mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking, riding.

Monasteries with exterior frescoes:

In 15th and 16th centuries, a series of unique monasteries were built, which are today in UNESCO's international heritage. Their specific element is the exterior frescoes painted in Byzantine style. Many of these monasteries are located in the historic land of Bucovina (Suceava County).


Saline from Târgu Ocna (Bacău County) and Cacica (Suceava County) are true underground museums and treatment resorts. Visitors who walk through the tunnels and chapels in the depths are excited about what they see.

They can practice a variety of sports here or they can recreate themselves in specially designed clinics in mines and recommended for respiratory diseases.

Spa resorts:

In the Carpathian chain, there are numerous spa resorts, famous for the springs with thermal and mineral water. They are the most important source of mineral water in south-eastern Europe. Patients from all over the Europe come here to treat various affections.

The most popular resorts of this kind are the ones from Slănic Moldova (Bacău County), Vatra Dornei (Suceava County) and Bălțătești (Neamț County).

Parks and natural reserves:

Bacău County has natural forest reserves at Runca-Racova and Pârâul Alb.

In Botoșani there is a natural forest reserve, Tudora and a geological one, Stânca Costești.

In Neamț County there is a National Park, Bicaz/Ceahlău and a bison reserve.

The geological reserve from Repedea Hill and botanical one, from Valea Lungă are located in Iași county.

Suceava County is the richest in reserves, among them, being: Rarău-Giumalău, Lunca Zamoștea, Slătioara, Pojorâta and Zugreni.

In Vaslui County, there are forest reserves at Bălțeni, Bădeana, Seaca Movileni and Harboanca-Brăhășoaia, paleontological reserves at Mânzați and geological at Nutașca-Ruseni.


One of the least known features of this region is a large number of lakes and ponds.

Many of them are located in the counties from the eastern region - Botoșani, Iași, Vaslui and are often surrounded by forests.

Piscicultural abundance makes fishing the main attraction, but this activity can only be carried out on its own, there are not yet special offers for excursions organized for fishing.