Traveling is one of the most enjoyable life experiences. Being a tourist, even for just a few days, can make everyone feel the happiest, but this depends greatly on the quality of services in the tourism sector.

When talking about business and corporate tourism, the North East Region can be a unique experience and the highest quality standards for any Romanian or foreign entrepreneur.

Despite the pandemic period, the business tourism is expected to develop in Romania reaching and surpassing the 2019 figures. 

This will be possible due to significant investments in this sector. Tourism in the North-East Region is offering a diversity of accommodation facilities (tourism and agrotourism guesthouses, motels, and hotels from 2 to 5 stars), which have all the necessary infrastructure. Combined with special landscapes that this region has, but also with the interest of foreign and local entrepreneurs to develop and implement their ideas here, the North-East Region can become one of the favorite business destinations.